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Monday, April 20, 2015

Devil's Island by Mimi Sebastian

Devil's Island by Mimi Sebastian (Sea Rover's Passion book 1)
I received this book off of The Books Machine for my honest review.
4/5 stars

Sabin Tanner is on her own after her father is hanged for treason and being a pirate. But before he died he sent her on a mission to find an old ship that he hid that has treasure on it that would give her the life she needs once he's gone.

When the boat she was on with her father's second hand man is attacked by other pirates it is no other than Boone Wilder. the one guy she never wanted to see again after she lost her heart to him at the age of sixteen and after he stole one of her father's ships years ago. Now with his help, they hunt down the missing ship and clear her father's name.

I started this late in the afternoon and was up to midnight reading this book. I could not put it down! Of course she gets help from the one guy she hates and falls in love with, (but you knew that was going to happen). Where would all the excitement be otherwise? They butt heads but it gets them nowhere but into bed together.

There will be times when you cry,k but that is mostly at the end, and times when you think "Oh my gosh, this better not be a cliffhanger!" but Mimi Sebastian wraps it all up real fast without making it sound boring or moving too fast. She did a great job with Devil's Island and I can't wait to read the other books in this series!


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