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Saturday, April 18, 2015

New at this but not new to reading

Hi! Welcome to our new blog! We are a mother and daughter who love to read. We read so much and in so many different genres that we thought we might be able to help others by publicly reviewing books.  We're both already on Goodreads but wanted to do more.

I'm Laurie, The mom. No, make that THE MOM. I'm prone to mothering everybody I know and most of my kid's friends call me mom too. It doesn't matter if you are my age or older than me. I will mother you.  I teach Kindergarten so that does cut into my reading some but I try to squeeze in as much reading as I can any chance I get.  I'm not a book snob. I read real physical books just as often as I read e-books. If I can read it, I'm happy.

My main genres are:
Mystery, Thrillers, Paranormal (Fiction and Non-fiction),  Fiction (like best sellers, Novels and some chick lit (I hate that saying but you know what I mean), every once in a while a time travel romance, cookbooks (I love to cook and I read them like a normal book in bed), non-fiction (mostly memoirs, science and history) As you can I tell,  I read just about anything I can get my hands on. But, these are mainly the kinds of books I will be reviewing . I might even periodically add some book related recipes I come across.

I'm Amber. The daughter.The best daughter, My mother's favorite daughter. Ok, Actually, I'm the only daughter in a house full of boys (but I am my mom's favorite. At least that's what she says when I'm the only one with her...)  I may not look it and maybe not act like it but, I'm 21  When I'm not reading I'm writing short stories or catching up on my shows (Any other Destiel shippers out there!?).  I have a lot of friends on the internet but in real life, I'm very shy and have a hard time talking to strangers. If you give me a chance and get to know me, I never shut up but I'll be a loyal friend for life.

My main genres are: Romance, New Adult, Dark Romance,  Fiction (mostly comedies),  If it sounds good, I will read it. And I have to admit, I do sometimes choose a book by the cover.:)

We look forward to getting to know you all and sharing the books we read with you. Feel free to email us any questions you might have, check out our facebook page and check out Laurie's Pinterest page if you have some time you need to kill (you know you'll be there for hours.. What is it about Pinterest that sucks you in anyway!?!?)

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