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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Waltz in Time by Eugenia Riley

She waltzes across time as a matchmaker, only to fall in love with the groom . . .

Stephanie Sergeant has returned to Natchez to live with her sister Sam in the splendid antebellum mansion both inherited from Great-aunt Magnolia. But there is no peace at Harmony House. The grand estate is haunted not only by an ever-fretful Magnolia, but also by a gaggle of ghosts from the late-nineteenth century, including the spirits of a lovelorn former governess and her five rambunctious charges.

Stephanie learns that the governess, “Miss Ebbie,” died of a broken heart after falling for the children’s widowed father. Determined to save Ebbie’s life and restore peace in the household, Stephanie soon embarks on an amazing waltz across time, straight into the arms of a dashing Southern rogue!

Stephanie is astounded to find herself transported to the year 1878, where she meets Ebbie and the children. But she is even more flabbergasted to find herself the instant romantic quarry of her devastating host, Andre Goddard. Stephanie knows she’s been sent across time on a mission, to save Ebbie’s life by matching her up with Andre. Can she transform the shy spinster into a bold and alluring creature who can capture Andre’s eye, while keeping him at bay in the meantime?

But Stephanie finds that the more she tries to pair up Ebbie with Andre, the more the sexy scamp and his five adorable children gravitate toward her. In the battle to save Ebbie’s life, will Stephanie lose her own heart instead?~ Amazon

I received this book from The Books Machine in return for my honest review.

When I was in my 20s, I loved time travel romances, that was basically all I read. As I got older, I drifted more to mysteries. I rarely read romances anymore but something about this one just drew me in.  I am a sucker for haunted houses and ghosts. I am a born and bred southern belle who loves anything and everything about the south. Of course, I had to read it. I am so glad it did. I had the hardest time putting it down. I found myself slowing down and actually savoring a book for a change.  

The way Stephanie bonded with the children was so sweet and actually pretty realistic.  She went into the past to save another's future and really did try her best. Was it really her fault that the father of the family would be so perfect? The problem is, he's perfect for Stephanie, not Miss Ebbie, the ghost who's heart she's supposed to heal! Will she give up her happiness for someone elses?  The whole book was romantic and touching...the ending actually made me cry (first time in a long time that a book made me cry that didn't involve a dog dying!). I really loved this book. (Even though it's really hard for me to admit to loving a romance novel!)5/5


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